Vaccinations and antiparasitics may not completely eliminate my pet’s chances of contracting the diseases or parasites we are trying to prevent.
    • Some pets may show mild, self-limiting reactions within 24-48 hours post vaccination:
      • Mild fever
      • Lethargy, decreased appetite
      • Limping or discomfort at site of injection
      • Firm swelling at the injection site
      • Sneezing, mild coughing, or other respiratory signs 2-5 days after receiving an intranasal vaccine
    • A small percentage of pets may develop more severe reactions, which can be life-threatening, and will require me to seek immediate care at the nearest veterinary clinic:
      • A mild effect listed above that seems especially progressive or persistent
      • Excessive vomiting or diarrhea
      • Hives or facial swelling
      • Difficulty breathing, weakness, or collapse
    • Research has shown that in a very small number of cats, an injection site reaction may progress and develop into a tumor. These tumors can be life threatening and may require extensive medical or surgical treatment at my expense. An injection site reaction should be rechecked if it:
      • Continues to grow for more than 1 month or persists greater than 3 months


    • The heartworm test is valid for 30 days after testing
    • Prevention must be started or continued within that time.
    • Annual testing is required to be able to purchase heartworm prevention product.
    • An Annual exam is mandatory when any lab testing is performed or a prescription medication is provided or refilled.
    By signing, I give my consent to proceed with the recommended vaccines, tests, and medications for my pet. I also confirm that:
    • My pet is healthy, not pregnant, and has no past vaccine or medication reaction
    • I agree to accept all risks of vaccines and medications
    • I accept legal/financial responsibility for all charges incurred as a result of such risks
    • No employee of Paws 4 Shots, Inc. bears any legal or financial responsibility for such risks and will bear no responsibility for any charges or losses incurred.
    • I give Paws 4 Shots permission to contact me via the email address and phone number provided (including via text).
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